Tour Info

Tour Info

The small introduction
to the Ebike

First, you will get an Ebike and a helmet, then a small introduction to the Ebike and how it works  and off we go to explore this beautiful city and its surroundings.

We will start in the Altstatt (old town) and you will get introduced to the city, soon after we will go out to the outskirts of Salzburg to ride through beautiful neighborhoods and in front of the Austrian Alps, the views here are jaw dropping.

The city of Salzburg is known for its beauty and pristine surroundings and riding a Ebike through a very bike friendly city like Salzburg is incredible.Is just the thing to do. You will get a taste of some of the prettiest neighborhoods of town. As well as going through some of the most iconic landmarks, pretty farms and spectacular mountains.

The ride last 4 hours aprox., with plenty of stops to admire the views, get amazed by the scenery and take those perfect photos. See our gallery Here. Every , the weather is perfect for riding and the colors of nature are changing, so you will get a perfect opportunity to see Salzburg at its best. I have been perfecting this ride to go through the most beautiful areas of Salzburg and its surroundings.

Please note: The electric bikes are pedal assisted, that means that you still need to pedal, very lightly and effortlessly, but pedal nonetheless.

The minimum age is 12 years old and able to ride an adult woman 45cm frame bike (woman standart size)


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